In September 2013, the United Nations Mission to Investigate Alleged Uses of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic issued a report confirming several uses of the nerve agent sarin in the ongoing Syrian civil war. The deadliest of such attacks occurred on August 21, 2013, in the suburbs of Damascus, where thousands of people exhibited symptoms of respiratory and heart failure, frothing from the mouth, pinpoint pupils, neurological convulsions, and hallucinations.

Multi-Channel depicts a compilation of photojournalistic documentation of these events. The brightness of the footage is responsive to the number of people viewing it.

Technical Description:

The interactive installation consists of three parts; (1) a monitor displaying video footage on a loop, (2) a Mac mini computer running a program which is conducting facial detection and adjusting the brightness of the video according to the number of human faces detected in front of the monitor, (3) and a webcam fixed to the top of the monitor sending a live video stream to the computer program.